Belatedly happy birthday, Lindstad


I hope you had a great time yesterday when you were celebrating your birthday, and that you haven't got too bad a hangover today.

I'd also like to give you a piece of advice. Next time you plan an attack on Core along with LDa, LDR, MB, VIK and Die. ( did I miss anyone? ), try not to get drunk when you're supposed to attack. That's usually a bad idea.

Other than that I'd just like to thanks Die. for raising my OD without me incurring any losses worth mentioning. Though, try not to be so big-mouthed the next time, Lindstad. It's a wee bit annoying.



Nytt medlem
birthday thread or war retaliating thread lol? anyways congratz for getting 1 year closer to death and congratz with better od rank.

Dominus Caligo

yeah idd they made some farmspace, if i laid closer to them i could farm them now. :rolleyes: