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Hear ye, hear ye! A mighty dragon has been spotted in the skies. A huge beast, I say! What, you question my word? 'Tis the size of a castle, if you will believe it! And its flaming breath reaches further than even the highest tower is tall. There is no time to waste, it is almost here! Sharpen your blades and ready your horses, for you are brave, and I am sure you are not afraid? Come on now, there is a treasure to gain! And loads of it! What are you waiting for?

Here Be Dragons!
In our newest event, which starts on 27 July and will be available until 31 July, you will find yourself on a dangerous endeavor that certainly has some potentially dicey outcomes! On the board game-style game map, you roll the dice daily to advance on the event board. By advancing, you will collect Dragon Scales from the dragon's back. Reach the dragon's head and slay it, to find the next dragon to fight. But, be careful not to burn yourself, or you might be set back on the board! The burnt patch on the dragon's back is best avoided for this reason!

Along the dragon's back, random encounters can occur, which will influence your progress to the dragon's head. Will you find the lucky bonuses that make you climb yourself up the dragon's back, or will you be unlucky, and does your next roll make you go backward instead? New Dice for more rolls become available daily, so make sure to check in every day to get the most out of the event, and obtain as many Dragon Scales as possible.

With the Dragon's Scales in hand, head to the Event Shop to spend them on all kinds of grand rewards of your choosing, as befits a true Lady or Knight! But don't wait too long - the Event Shop will only remain available temporarily, so ensure you spend your Dragon Scales before it closes its doors 24 hours after the event ends!


When the event ran for the first time in September 2021, there was very loud feedback from you, our Community, about it. Admittedly, this feedback was everything but positive. Therefore, we gave the event an overhaul to make it worth your time and hope, that those changes are in your favor. Let's start with the Event energy, aka dice rolls.

The energy regeneration was changed to one roll per hour, and not just twice a day. We also increased the number of daily dice rolls, so you now can save up to 10. You also start with a full set of 10 rolls, so in the first 24 hours of the event, you would be able to roll a total amount of 34 times.

As a player, you were able to purchase 1, 3, and 5 Dice rolls. Since we increase the maximum energy from 5 to 10 energy, we will also increase the Dice rolls you can purchase.
The new prices for the sets are:

1 Roll15
5 Rolls75
10 Rolls150
Additionally, we also increased the amount of Event Currency rewards that you can get for being on a certain rank on the leadership board. In general, with all these changes, the event is practically now doubled in what you can obtain from it without using Premium Points, as the main feedback we received about it was the Pay-2-Win factor of it.

Next to the rebalancing, we also added what we call the "Dragonslayer's logbook". This is your activity log, showing your most recent buffs, bonuses, or debuffs that you received by crossing the board. Through this means, you always can easily see how your next roll will be affected, and if you roll-roll-that-critical or not.

For more information on this event, check out the video below!

We are looking forward to hearing your feedback, so let us know your thoughts by posting in the discussion thread.

Kind regards,
Your Tribal Wars Team