Top 20 Tribe Opinions


Rank Tribe

1 -TL- :

2 Yamato :

3 SOR :

4 NPs :

5 IyDz! :

6 CA :

7 WWS :

8 TNG :

9 TL-A :

10 ~HM~ :

11 ~WON~ :

12 EoC :

13 TAROS :

14 ~KAV~ :

15 n00bs? :

16 M-S :

17 Cadia :

18 CA-A :

19 WWN :

20 300 :


Rank Tribe

1 -TL- : I have never heard of any of their leaders, looking at Tribe and player ODA per rank, it seems they have a bunch of average players and nobody that really stands out! I cannot see them staying in the top 5 tribes for much longer, especially when wars and nobling begines, I can see them possibly keeping top 20 if they drop the academy tribe, nobody likes family tribes, With the academy i give them a rating of 3/10 without the academy tribe probably a 5 or 6/10 if they manage to keep top 20.
Leadership Rationg: 4/10
Overall Rating: 5.5/10

2 Yamato : Well this is a tribe full of talanted members who appear to be taking this world quite seriously, good ODA and they are getting some ODD which may raise some concerns on who attacking them so much early on in the game, i wonder how it will slow them down if it does. They have a good leadership in Zanmato and can stay in the top 3 rankings in the world if not rank 1 with the bunch of players they have.
Leadership Rating: 9/10
Tribe Rating: 9.5/10

3 SOR : This tribe seems to consist of members from poor to average with no Top quality members, The leadership is poor as they are trying to go to war with just about everybody in the world, so i am not sure what they are trying to acheive by doing this. Never heard of their leaders on many of their members, I can see them dropping out of the top 20 rather quickly.
Leadership Rating: 1/10
Tribe Rating 3/10

4 NPs : OD is around what it should be for a rank 4 tribe, should probably be a littlebit higher but we will get them a break, have some bad players but mostly average players within the tribe, The leadership i have never heard of but they seem to be handling them well, and managing the tribe rather okay. Not to sure where they will be in the future but could see them hanging around ranks 7-10, an average tribe.
Leadership Rating: 5/10
Tribe Rating: 5/10

5 IyDz! : Good tribe, Good Leadership, Good OD for their rank, This tribe has many good experianced members, but also some average ones to, therefore it is a good mix of players and under good leadership they will go far. I can see this tribe being a contender for the top 3 ranks very soon. Good bunch of players.
Leadership Rating: 7/10
Tribe Rating: 8.5/10

6 CA : These are picking to many fights with to many tribe to early in the game, not heard of them before but i can say comfidently that this is bad leadership in putting the tribe in such a bad position at the start of the game, Can i see it staying in the top 20? well ... NO!
Leadership Rating: 0.5/10
Tribe Rating: 2/10

7 WWS : Family tribe = fail, i will not waiste my time with these. They are not even worth a rating ..... Grrrrrrrrr, sorry WWS, but your CoA does say Why So serious? Because we are??? what the hell is that about?? i am not even gonna bother, i am already getting angry and writing to much so will stop now!

8 TNG : I know nothing about these guys but what i can see is their OD is not to impressive for a rank 8 tribe, Leadership is unheard of therefore i will try not to comment on that. Could possibly stay rank 17-20 if they recruit a few more average players
Leadership Rating: N/A
Tribe Rating: 4/10

9 TL-A : This tribe comes under -TL- For their opinion look at the top.

10 ~HM~ : From what i can see mainly new players or average players, nobody that really stands out and as your tag says Hmmmmmmmmmmm, not to sure what to think of you guys but a rank 25 tribe? bad OD so i can see you slipping away very quickly
Leadership Rating: 2/10
Tribe Rating: 1/10

11 ~WON~ : Unfortunatly, you guys will win nothing.
Leadership Rating: N/A
Tribe Rating: -1/10

12 EoC : Yet another family tribe, just as bad as the other family tribes i am not waisting my time :|

13 TAROS : I quite like this tribe, Don't ask why i just do, they have a bunch of average players, never heard of them or the leadership, maybe its just the name, unfortunatly i will have to rate them on the truth. I think they can keep the rank there at now around 10-13, They have no reason to slip up if they keep doing what they are doing.
Leadership Rating: 2/10
Tribe Rating: 5.5/10

14 ~KAV~ : Family tribe and they have also gone to war with far to many tribes to early in the game, this in itself shows bad leadership and inexperianced members, there average - good players will soon realise what a mistake they have made and leave. A very poor tribe which will probably disband.
Leadership Rating: 1.5/10
Tribe Rating: 1/10

15 n00bs? : Well, Well, Well, i cannot comment on this tribe as it would be unfair as this is the current tribe i am in, but i will say some stuff about us. We have few members but are looking to top the tribe at around 28 members possibly 30. We are all quite experianced and we do have a few average knocking on the door of good members, but the majority of our members are extremly good players.I will not rate the leadership as its unfair but i will say what i rate our tribe as.
Leadership Rating: N/A
Tribe Rating: 9.5/10 - Not quite perfect :p

16 M-S : Not the best bunch of players in tribalwars but seem to be growing steadily, they will stay around rank 20 i think depending on how the tribe is lead.
Leadship Rating: 4.5/10
Tribe Rating 4.5/10

17 Cadia : They are consisted of inactive members which shows bad leadership and players who are not going to be playing this world seriously. This tribe will be farmed and soon will disband.
Leadership Rating: Inactive probably
Tribe Rating: 0/10

18 CA-A : Family Tribe Boooooooooooooo

19 WWN : These guys are starting to take the P*ss

20 300 : They went to war with nOObs? there leader then left them and started farming there members, Bad tribe, not a clue whats happening there anymore. They have no spartans and it will be impossible to get 300 of them due to the 40 member limit, therefore there name is stuped to.
Leadership Rating: 0.1/10
Tribe Rating 1.5/10

Okay hope you guys post what you think of the top tribes and value my opinion, i have tried to be nice with what i said. Top 20 players coming soon :), if anybody wants to translate for me and put this in the norwegian section i would appreciate it, if not thanks for reading and hope you post what you think:)

Treacle :)


Nytt medlem
Myselves I hope to see

1: Noobs.

2: Yamato

3: IyDz!

I also hope these tribes can get friendly to each other so we can rule our areas together :).

vorin3 Baron IyDz!


Nytt medlem
I am also agreed that the family tribes which we got a few of will fail very soon and be nobled down by better players and tribes

Gone Farming

Its no fun that the top tribes gets allied. Its much more fun with war between them. :)

Gone Farming

Nah, it just gets boring. Its Tribal WARS, not Tribal Hugs. It would been like if Elite had an ally with AriCa, and that was the only two tribes in the world.


Nytt medlem
its tribalwars yes. 3 tribes stik together and crush and set war against the other :d

thats TRIBal Wars

Gone Farming

Yeah, it could be fun just to rule the world. :) Noble everyone else and then noble each other. :D

Gone Vacation

I think n00bs? and Yamato are the most promising tribes on v6 at the moment. But only the time will show who really are the best ;)
Nice research(Y)

Can't say I don't agree with any of your opinions. But then again... I haven't done any research at all on this world.
Good looking list



The only tribe I would ever join in v6 would be n00bs? Treacle, I've sendt you a mail. This is a fake nick. Please answer ;)



Probably because I'm too small :/ I started over 1 week later :p So there are mostly noobs around me who have already been rimmed :D Lots of farms for me :eek:


Nytt medlem
ya lucky u we have to attack them and make them quitt and here you come taking free ress :D:D



It's even harder to me :/ I have to hold them down for 2 weeks!:O and most of them are spearwhores so I have to send axes :(


Litt aktiv?

1 IyDz! 102.378 -no comment
2 n00bs? 101.789 -n00bs?
3 Yamato 84.337 -no comment
4 F-F-D 80.317 -no comment
5 M-S 75.578 -Noobs
6 NPs 68.709 -Noobs
7 WWS 68.638 -Noobs
8 NATO 64.047 -Noobs
9 PD 58.396 -Noobs
10 SMACK 58.272 -no comment
11 WWN 56.831 -Noobs
12 ~WON~ 52.226 -Noobs
13 TAROS 42.818 -Noobs
14 -TL- 38.800 -Noobs
15 Pr0! 37.062 -Noobs
16 ~HM~ 35.657 -Noobs
17 -ULV- 35.509 -Noobs
18 DEK 32.757 -Noobs
19 Ny 28.792 -Noobs
20 -G- 27.933 -Noobs
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